15 Pregnancy Symptoms To Expect When First Pregnant


“我怀孕了?” You may have asked yourself that question if you have some telltale pregnancy symptoms, like a missed period or morning sickness. There are many different signs of pregnancy. Some women will experience only a few of these. 其他人会经历大部分. We asked our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stewart Gordon, to walk us through symptoms of pregnancy. He provided information and advice for expecting mothers.

7 .最常见的怀孕症状

1. 错过了时间

Dr. 戈登解释说:

“A missed period is the number one symptom that alerts women that they may be pregnant. And if it’s accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and tender breasts, most likely, they are pregnant. 然而, an irregular period is also the number one reason that causes women to falsely assume they’re pregnant. But if they’re not pregnant, they need to know why they’re not having regular periods. An irregular cycle can point to a health problem or other issue that should be addressed sooner rather than later.”

2. 乳房胀痛

Hormonal changes may also cause breasts to be sore or swell. Breasts may also feel fuller and larger. 乳晕也变得更大更暗. WhatToExpect.com reports that breast soreness typically ends after the first trimester.

3. 小便需求增加

总是急着去洗手间? It’s one of the most common early pregnancy symptoms. It typically lasts for the majority of the pregnancy.

4. 恶心或“晨吐”

Nausea during pregnancy is probably due to changes in hormones. Hormonal changes may also cause an increased sensitivity to smell. 这会导致更多的恶心. Even though it’s called “morning sickness,” nausea can hit pregnant women at any time of the day (or night!).

5. 食物的厌恶

Due to the increased sensitivity to smell and nausea, many women find that even the sight of some foods make them recoil.

6. 对食物的渴望

While some foods can flip a newly pregnant woman’s stomach, other foods make for intense cravings. Eating right during the early stages of pregnancy is important, though.

Dr. Gordon notes his two biggest pieces of advice for pregnant moms:

“First, start prenatal vitamins as soon as possible. Even if your diet is perfect, it’s hard to get all the nutrients your body needs while pregnant. And for women who have certain diets or dietary restrictions, taking prenatal vitamins is even more important.

第二,不要吃两个人的东西. While a woman’s nutrient requirement increases considerably, her energy intake does not. Considerable weight gain during pregnancy presents other possible complications. It can also lead to potential problems for the baby post-delivery.”

7. 乏力

Extreme fatigue can set in only a few weeks after you become pregnant. Let your body get the rest it needs if you’re newly pregnant.

Dr. 戈登建议:

“睡两个人的觉. Sleep helps boost the growth hormones a mother’s uterus, her baby, and its placenta all need. And getting plenty of rest is especially critical in the first trimester. 随着身体的成长和变化, it becomes more difficult to find comfortable positions for prolonged rest and sleep.”


Other common symptoms of the early stages of pregnancy may include:

8.  轻微的斑点或出血

9.  抽筋

10.  腹胀

11.  情绪波动

12.  头晕

13.  便秘

14.  头痛

15.  背部疼痛

If you have some of these symptoms of pregnancy, Dr. Gordon recommends taking a pregnancy test as soon as possible. “这种方式,”他说, “potential mothers can see their doctor within the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy and begin prenatal care immediately.”


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